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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Own Your Worth

"Own Your Worth."  ~Kathryn Budig~

After my recent workshop with Kathryn Budig, I am beaming with energy, inspired, and shining brightly.  The reason for this is that Kathryn has an innate ability to ignite a fire of passion for life into my entire being.  Her upbeat presence and joy for life is infectious.  Kathryn encourages you to establish a firm sense of your strengths and to completely own your worth to the fullest extent.  She drives home the importance of setting your eyes on the target and emphasizes that nothing can stop you if your aim is true. 

 As I continue to cultivate my talents, I find success in moving forward with a firm intent and believe in the path I am following and maintaining the confidence needed to follow that path.  Each day I reflect on how I can make a positive difference in the lives of people with whom I come into contact.  My daily goal is to provide each person with kindness, compassion and love and to end each day satisfied that in some small way I made our world a better, more balanced and positive place. 

Being deeply connected to my own truth and reaffirming my daily commitment to weave love into everything I do guarantees an effortless flow of my truth. 

Passions are varied-what is your strength?  How can you use that strength to transmit love to others?  However you share yourself with others, the important part is to live your life from a place of presence and love.  Moving from a place of love is the key ingredient to living in a state of happiness and joy and in doing this you will be successful at being the best you can be. 

Be confident in stepping away from fear and in your value to this universe.  Bask in heartfelt relationships, fruitful careers and positive situations.  Believe in your purpose and part in something greater than yourself; acknowledge that you are worthy and you do make a difference.

You have everything you need deep within.  Trust in this and own your worth.

To learn more about Kathryn Budig, you can check her out online at    

Upside Down and Inside Out. Explore your life in any given moment Upside Down and from the Inside Out. Namaste'.

Amy Fecher RYT

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