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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blame Free is the Way for Me!

"If you found anything of value and goodness within my offerings, then it was from the greatness of my teachers.  If you found flaws, foibles, or imperfections in me or my teachings, then those are all mine."  ~Old Wives Tale~

The Yoga community has been in an uproar these past few weeks as it has been rocked with scandal, lies, and corruption.  Hearts have been broken, relationships have been fractured, and many have suffered due to this unfortunate turn of events. 

Without belaboring the issue that has been retold multiple times on any and every Yoga related Website, I would like to examine how life-altering problems and our ability to adapt to them pertain to us as individuals in our own lives.  How can we experience suffering beyond compare and yet still see the possibility to transform the occurence into an opportunity of growth and development for ourselves as human beings?

Our first step in finding our way is releasing blame.  When we stop blaming others for their imperfections, foibles, and flaws and instead look deep into our hearts and take ownership and responsibility for our actions, we will be on the right foot and moving forward toward positive expansion.  By taking ownership of our actions and letting go of blame, we as individuals will grow immensely and awaken our hearts to accept that the incident (no matter how bad) happened and is part of us. 

When we no longer point our index finger the other way, but instead turn the microscope back to us, we are on our way toward initiating positive change.  Through close self inquiry, we can examine the situation more accurately and with time the lens will become radiantly clear as the resolution will come into focus.  Through deep investigation we have the ability to graciously handle our painful endeavors with a sense of grandeur that would make our teachers (whomever they may be) greatly proud.

How often do you place blame on others for the unfortunate happenings in your life?  Do you look around and see everyone else as lucky and wonder what you have done to deserve your unkind circumstances in life?   Instead of seeing the grass in everyone else's pasture as greener, take some time instead to nurture your own grass so that you will feel deeply rooted, pleasantly joyful, and at ease with whatever situation may be giving you issues in your life right now.

No one ever said that life would be easy, but with patience, ardent discipline, and love in our hearts, our personal journey (no matter how dismal we may perceive it to be) will reveal truth, clarity, and allow your heart to shine brighter and stronger than it ever did before.

Upside Down and Inside Out.  Explore your life in any given moment Upside Down and from the Inside Out.  Namaste'.

Amy Fecher RYT

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