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Monday, December 12, 2011

Embrace the Moment

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." ~ The Buddha ~

Especially during this time of year people everywhere are commenting to me, "Enjoy your kids when they are this age.  They are so much fun when they are young."  I completely agree.  In the chaos of the holiday season, it's easy to lose track of what's important and where my energy should be dedicated.  At age seven and five, my children are fully into The Elf on the Shelf and a myriad of other holiday activity traditions.  It's my intention to embrace these moments with them and view life through their curious eyes. 

Last weekend when I was in Cleveland studying with Kathryn Budig, I realized (yet again, anyway) that life is so simple.  I am the one that makes it hard.  I am the one that gets lost.  My agenda and my plans need to be thrown out the window so that I can do what my heart leads me to do at any given moment.  This practice of opening to grace and letting my heart be my guide, is what allows me to bake cookies with my daughter without worrying about a dirty house.  It is what makes each moment I spend with loved ones extra special as I commit my complete presence to them.

So instead of spending lots of time this week writing my blog, I have a daughter waiting in the kitchen to start our holiday baking.  My heart is leading me to spend some quality time with her.  What is your heart leading you to do?  How can you reach out to someone you haven't connected to in a while and enjoy some special time together?  Embrace each moment fully and have a wonderful holiday season!    

In other news, you can register online now for my 3rd annual New Year's Revolution 2 1/2 hour workshop.  This up-tempo Vinyasa flow practice will challenge and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit.  Register early by contacting me for more information or signing up online at Practice Yoga:  The workshop will be held at 1 PM on Sunday, January 8th at Practice Yoga (504 E. Fifth St.  Dayton, Ohio).  Upside Down and Inside Out.  Explore your life in any given moment Upside Down and from the Inside Out.  Namaste'.

Amy Fecher RYT

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