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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome Baby Rowan Elizabeth

"Only in the present moment can we touch life and be deeply alive."  ~ Thich Nhat Hanh~

On Monday, I witnessed multiple generations of my family coming together to celebrate the joy of a new beginning, as my sister and her husband introduced us to Rowan Elizabeth.  Born Monday, November 14th at 6:31 AM, everyone was excited to meet the new member of our family.

Rowan arrived healthy, beautiful and perfect in every way.  The mood in the hospital family suite was jubilant as we celebrated this sweet girl.  For me, the experience that followed that evening allowed me to examine how this new beginning touched the lives of all of us. 

My grandparents arrived with my parents to meet their new great-grandchild.  My parents happily gazed down at their new granddaughter as my mom rocked her in her arms.  We all listened to my sister and her husband tell the story of the baby's delivery, as they expressed their delight for their little girl.  My other sister and I were present soaking it all in as we took turns passing Rowan around the room.  Finally, what brought this excitement-filled room all together were the expressions on the faces of Rowan's two-year old brother and my two children.  Watching a toddler and my young kids interact with Rowan was truly magnificent.  They gathered around giggling and carefully prodding her with their (hopefully clean) little hands.   

The beauty of this entire event was the love that was woven into each moment across the generations.  Whether two-years old or eighty-eight years young, we gathered around to celebrate this precious gift.  Savoring each second, we were able to touch life in it's most innocent form.  Relishing in this new beginning, we all were entirely present and deeply alive in that moment.  This magical evening at the hospital was one of those experiences in life that took your breath away. 

Upon arriving home for the evening, I sat in meditation with gratitude for the wonderful family that I am a part of and for the threads of love that weave us together.  Cultivating my sense of presence and being deeply alive in each moment is what I aim to do.  This place of sweet, vibrant, blissful energy, enabled me to relish in the joy that each moment has to offer, if I simply allow myself to be present and let life unfold.     

Upside Down and Inside Out.  Explore your life in any given moment Upside Down and from the Inside Out.  Namaste'.

Amy Fecher RYT

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